Reliable, quality and durability

Inter-Data has been developing, producing and selling high-quality sustainable Track & Trace Fleet Management and Security solutions for more than 20 years.

Inter-Data is known in the market for its reliability, flexibility, expertise and high-quality service.

With many years of experience, Inter-Data is one of the longest in the market innovative companies in the field of Track and Trace and Security.

By using the latest technologies in the field of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions, the products and services of Inter-Data are infinitely scalable and very suitable for both small and very large organizations.

Business  Continuity Solutions:
From the second quarter of 2023, Inter-Data will start supplying unique solutions for the highly secure and sustainable storage of archive data.
Underground, bomb proof, cyber attack proof, nuclear blast shock wave proof, EMP proof and 300 meters above sea level. read more…..



The full manageable products of Inter-Data can easily be up- or downgraded on customer specifications OTA(Over The Air).
Inter-Data provides a wide range of durable, high-quality European products with competitive prices.


From simple to sophisticated

All kind of different hardware devices can used in the same portal.
Complex externally connections can easily realized

  • Excel export, graphics to full integration with other systems.
  • Easy to upgrade and downgrade to customer specifications.
  • Easily scalable from :
Unlimited connections per account.


Intelligent & flexible solutions

  • Public cloud and private cloud solutions.
  • Lower procurement costs through volume agreements.
  • Service and support customer specification.
  • Customer only pays for the desired service.




SaaS, Software as a Service
Paas, Platform as a Service
IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service
DaaS, Datacenter as a Service
SOA, Service Oriented Architecture

Total Service Solution Provider