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Tank monitoring

2020 Tank Monitoring

Water level, fuel level, water flow, pump operating hours, generator, main power, and location can be easily monitored, and various alerts can be generated.

Case: Elm Tanking

Elm tanks are widely used by companies and municipalities during emergencies and disasters.

Most Elm tanking clients are located in the Scandinavian countries. Temperature and distance pose additional challenges in these regions.

2019 Salt/Sand spreaders

Salt/sand spreading is crucial for safety during the winter season. Collaboration among different public space administrators is crucial to keep frozen roads under control.

The FMS 2020-portal provides a unique combination of fleet management, trip registration, and machine monitoring. The system can generate all kinds of necessary alerts.


Case: Wierre

A reliable universal system, independent of vehicle type and spreader type. For optimal management, insight, and collaboration for municipal services.

Salt/Sand spreaders
Recovery & Investigation

2017 Recovery & Investigation

The Recovery portal is a unique combination of the latest technological developments and many years of recovery expertise. This unique combination resulted in a 100% positive recovery score.

Case: Sherlog

To serve the international world of police, detectives, and recovery agents effectively, Inter-Data initiated the development of a new Recovery portal.

The platform features specific functionalities such as Tele managing of track and trace devices and the ability to collect and analyze data from various sources.

For optimal collaboration with other parties, Software as a Service SaaS components has been developed and built based on Service Oriented Architecture SOA, achieving unlimited scalability.

The practical implementation for users such as police, detectives, and recovery agents is managed by RSC, Recovery Support Center Europe.

2015 World Machinery

Finding a solution for a global concern is challenging. Unlimited scalability and a robust management structure are crucial keys to success.

To achieve a short development cycle responsibly, the use of special fully manageable hardware devices is indispensable.

The unique Service Oriented Architecture SOA enterprise architecture and the high level of the platform, infrastructure, and data centers of Inter-Data have resulted in a stable, sustainable, scalable full-service solution for monitoring various types of machinery worldwide.

Machine management

2013 World Machinery

Cloud computing has become indispensable. However, what seems simple is not always so for large organizations with an enterprise architecture. These organizations avoid risks and often engage major international companies such as Sogeti to manage and control their architecture. Integrating cloud solutions for large organizations with an enterprise architecture requires expertise at a very high level, as standard cloud solutions often cannot meet the specified requirements.

Case: Karlstad

The task involved delivering a Track & Trace system for 70 vehicles, including utility vehicles, trucks, lawnmowers, salt/sand spreaders, drain cleaners, and street sweepers, along with 300 passenger vehicles. It was highly desirable for the system to utilize Karlstad Kommun’s own server locations, servers, databases, map material, and the central access control system.

The system components needed to be implemented based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) established for each component. The personnel at Karlstad Kommun were to be trained, and the continuity of the hardware, software, and services provided needed to be ensured.

To address this case, Inter-Data reached out to Sogeti. Specifically for companies with an enterprise architecture, Inter-Data initiated the development of a new platform built on components with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as its foundation. To ensure continuity, Inter-Data became a part of Trica EEIG (European Economic Interest Group).

2012 Fenceless Farming

In 2012, Inter-Data introduced the keyfinder: a highly compact Track & Trace system with extensive capabilities.

In May 2012, Inter-Data received the following case from the University of UMB, Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Ås, Norway:

Case: Can we use the keyfinder to monitor sheep in the mountains of Norway?

The system is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS and a reliable GSM. The standby time, depending on the application, can achieve several months with the standard battery.

By providing comprehensive manuals, programming cables, and the necessary configuration tools, the university was able to independently develop a platform and process the data in-house.

2013 API Application Programming Interface

Frequently, the question arises whether Inter-Data can be integrated with other software packages. To provide a comprehensive answer to this question, the Inter-Data system has had an API (Application Programming Interface) since 2010. Utilizing this API allows any desired program to communicate seamlessly with the Inter-Data system.

Case: Productivity Management

In 2011, the software company 2G from Uddel, specialized in web-based custom solutions, presented the following case:

A mutual client aimed to integrate the hours and mileage accountability of Inter-Data to enhance project control and optimize project administration. Additionally, consultants wanted rapid insight into the correlation between relationships, projects, and objects during client interactions.

By leveraging the Inter-Data API, 2G could automatically transfer the required information to the 2G project administration package. This facilitated the company in straightforwardly registering costs and hours per project. The application continues to provide valuable information for project management and relationship management, easily accessible from any desired location. Due to the entire package being a cloud solution, the establishment of a branch for the company was swiftly realized.

2009 Floating Machinery

The localization and generation of travel information for moving objects using GPS technology have been familiar territory for us for many years. Strangely enough, localizing and generating accurate information for very slowly moving objects require new knowledge. In response to a new case in 2009, Inter-Data embarked on the development and research of very slowly moving objects.

Case: Locating and Monitoring Dredging Machines for Removing Sediment and Sludge from Water Bodies

Execution: This case was carried out in close collaboration with the local Inter-Data dealer. The dredging machines were equipped with Inter-Data manager systems featuring customized GPS and software configurations. Additionally, extra filtering techniques were implemented in the data processing.

2008 Secret Packages

In 2006, IInter-Data initiated the development and research of “Secret Products.” The demand for small systems without power supply, featuring a long standby time and high-quality satellite reception, was on the rise.

Case: Secret packages that can be easily shipped with regular package shipments in the existing distribution structure

Execution: In the period 2007-2008, this case was carried out in collaboration with UPS EMEA Security Technology Group in Venlo. Through the application of power management technology, fine-tuning of hardware components, and special filtering techniques in the software, Inter-Data achieved results that exceeded expectations. Due to confidentiality obligations, more detailed information about this project cannot be disclosed.

2007 Generator Monitoring

The complexity of monitoring generators often involves a combination of high voltage, voltage spikes, ground loops, and vibrations.

With years of practical experience in the field of measurement and control technology for the industry, Inter-Data initiated the development of specially stabilized hardware and a flexible stable machine management platform for this purpose.

Theft, downtime, machine errors, fuel levels, and many more relevant pieces of information are automatically detected. The Alert service promptly sends the right warning to the right person. All relevant information for planning or production is readily available wherever needed in the report formats and graphs desired by the customer. The option to detect the cutting and stealing of power cables is implemented in the same system.

By leveraging the latest cloud technologies, new customer requirements could be added daily to this stable and sustainable system.

Case: Ensuring Continuity of Street Lighting

The customer offers a complete concept to its customers for temporary street lighting to create a safe working environment during roadworks. The customer’s key points for purchasing this system include reducing operational costs and providing assurance to its customers of the complete functionality of the lighting installation.

2006 Projectmanagement

In 2006, Inter-Data  introduced a new solution: the Inter-Dataterminal, a programmable unit with a display and keyboard.

Case: Automatically recording completed projects: location, time, project number, items consumed, explanation and executor, intended for all service employees

The goal was to automatically capture executed projects, including location, time, project number, consumed items, notes, and the executor, for all service personnel. The system needed to be integrated with the existing trip registration system. The statuses and locations of all service vehicles had to be centrally displayed on a large screen for planning purposes. The system had to work both centrally and decentrally, independent of the workplace. Overviews needed to be easily imported into the existing project management administration. Any adjustments to the menu structure of the Inter-Dataterminal had to be made without the vehicle being taken to a service workshop or a service technician being on-site.

Implemented Solution:
By using the Inter-Dataterminal and combining it with the trip registration system, much information could be automatically generated. For the remaining details like project number, consumed items, notes, and executor, a customer-specific menu structure was created and installed on the data terminal. Adjustments to the menu structure of the Inter-Dataterminal could be performed through Over the Air (OTA) integration with the trip registration system, eliminating the need for a technician to be on-site for these changes. To facilitate the proper import of the collected data into the existing project management administration of the housing association, a customer-specific CSV file was compiled.

2005 Work Hour Accountability

During the introduction of the Inter-Data trip registration system at the AutoRai in 2005, Inter-Data connected with a large finishing company from Lemelerveld. The following case was presented:

Case: Cost Reduction with Continuity Assurance

The current installation costs needed to be reduced, decentralized work was required, Excel output had to be presented according to the customer’s preference for easy internal processing for payroll administration, and the supplier had to ensure the continuity of its service delivery.

Installation Time Reduction: The solution for reducing installation time was found by intelligently examining the vehicle’s onboard voltage and fine-tuning the GPS antenna. This achieved a significant simplification of the vehicle installation, reducing installation time by 75%.

Cloud Solution Implementation: By utilizing the Inter-Data SAAS (Software as a Service) cloud solution, specific customer preferences and customized solutions could be easily implemented without requiring on-site software adjustments.

Scalability: The flexible scalability of the Inter-Data system allowed the entire fleet to be equipped with new Inter-Data fleet management systems in a very short time.

Continuity Assurance: Continuity assurance was guaranteed through the Inter-Data collaboration. In the event of Inter-Data’s activities being forced to stop, for example, due to bankruptcy, service delivery would automatically continue through the continuity assurance collaboration, and rights, supported by ESCROW agreements, would be automatically transferred to the appropriate party. This collaboration is a European partnership specifically designed to ensure the continuity of SAAS cloud solutions.

2004 Traffic Information System

In 2004, Inter-Data commenced operations as an OEM supplier for the Quickgroup, consisting of Silca Traffic Systems Europe (manufacturer of mobile traffic information systems), Allmand Europe (specialist in mobile lighting equipment), and Quickstra (a specialized service organization for all aspects of portable forklifts).

Case: Private label

The customer’s request was whether Inter-Data could develop a track & trace system for them under a private label.

They wanted the ability to determine the location of work equipment, monitor battery voltage, record operating hours, display charging and discharging graphs of the batteries, remotely start and stop generators, report malfunctions, report sabotage, use the GSM GPRS modem as an M2M data modem, and communicate via the GSM network with the internal computers of the message signs.

By combining expertise and experience in track & trace, M2M solutions, and GSM data communication, Quicktrace was developed in a short period. This new development was presented by Silca to its customers, such as Rijkswaterstaat, Provinces, Waterschappen, and infrastructure companies, during Intertraffic, the trade fair for the traffic, transport, and infrastructure industry, in 2005. This development provided valuable insights into the application of solar panels, wind generators, and battery management. Significant cost savings were achieved through online monitoring and control. Many trips to work equipment for service, maintenance, and text adjustments became unnecessary with Quicktrace. The lifespan of the battery was significantly increased, and the reliability and continuity of Silca’s traffic information systems could be ensured with Quicktrace.

2003 Fleet management via Internet

In 1985, Jan van Bremen took his initial steps into ICS Industrial Control Systems, where he served as a technical employee in the Research & Development Car Black-box systems department. Concurrently, Jan Bonnemaijers held the position of Sales Manager.

Driven by the question of how to reduce costs for customers, Jan van Bremen and Jan Bonnemaijers decided in 2003 to collaborate and initiate the development of a revolutionary concept: the Inter-Data mileage registration system based on SAAS (Software As A Service) cloud solutions.

In 2003, the first case was quickly identified.

Case: Integration of an Existing System into a New System

Van Noordenne Group, one of the largest independent companies in the glass industry with a diverse fleet of service vans and trucks, aimed to work location-independently and avoid purchasing expensive software.

The existing Datatrak vehicle communication systems also needed integration into the new system.

By integrating the new Inter-Data mileage registration SAAS cloud solution with their existing Datatrak system, the company could easily and cost-effectively leverage the latest technologies. Transitioning from the Datatrak communication system to the Inter-Data GSM-GPS communication system two years later further reduced fixed costs by an additional 25%.

2003 PDA with Navigation

In the early 2000s, with the introduction of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to the market, Inter-Data, then operating under the name HEBRE Projecten, embarked on developing its own software integrated with existing software components. The initial application crafted by Inter-Data was named “Knop”, enabling the PDA to be used as a navigation system in vehicles.

Case: Reverse Camera on PDA Screen

The entire fleet, comprising 25 trucks with trailers, was equipped with a camera system linked to the PDA, integrated with navigation and an address book.

Beyond navigation and the address book, Inter-Data developed a cradle for this application, installed in the vehicle, where the PDA could be placed, directly connecting to Orlaco’s analog cameras.

This innovative solution positioned the toy retail giant Bart Smit well ahead of its time, combining navigation and a camera system and reducing costs by more than 50%.

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